#100HappyDays Challenge Challenge

If you listened to our latest sode about Yahoo, we went on for a bit about The 100 Happy Days Challenge. The whole idea is pretty simple: Take a picture of something that made you happy and use #100HappyDays on social media. Do this for 100 Days.

While I'm a bit cynical of this whole happy, feel-good jazz because that's just not my mindset, we thought it would all be a hoot to see if all three of us could do the challenge, and more importantly, how long could we all last? 

At the beginning of every week, we'll upload a few of the pictures into the blog and let you know who has been keeping up with the challenge. Aside from using #100HappyDays, we'll also be using #VsTheNet. All of our posts will appear on our Twitter pages as well as the Vs The Net Twitter page, links below.

Can we all be happy for 100 Days? Will this blog even last more than three weeks? More importantly, will we all fall in love like the website claims?

Place your bets on who drops out first.






Top 5 Poisons

Hello Chaps, Mason here to teach you all about poisons. As you may remember from my appearances on the show, I sometimes get paid to kill people with poisons. I have lots of spare time now that the FBI has breached the Tor Browser and crippled my business, so I put together a list of my favorite poisons. And because Buzzfeed wouldn't publish it, I gave it to the guys to share with you all. Enjoy.

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3 Things Zak Bagans Doesn't Know About Ghosts

I was watchin' the tv last year and caught this show called "Ghost Adventures," which is about three guys yelling at ghosts. These bagabones run around from here to there and yell up a storm. Watchin' them is like watchin' a 10 year old girl get her first lasso rope. It's just a bunch of jumpin' and screamin'. Imma figurin that someone on the tv should act more like a professional when wrestlin up some specters.

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Welcome to the blog

We're over a year in to doing this magical little podcast called "Vs The Net," and in that time, we've had a lot of great guests on the show. No, we're not just talking about our comedian friends who showed up to fill in: Bear, Joe Motisi, Jordan Holmes, and Eric Younglove. We're talking about those super special guests that made each moment of our show super-magical: Claude Pickens, Mason Hitman, DJ Rebel Rod, Thaddeus Bufford, Mexican Jesus, and Mayonaise, the Taiwanese Pop Star. 

These guys will be blogging from this very spot every week, letting you guys know what they're up to, and where they're going in life (afterlife). So stay tuned for lists, rants, complaints, and maps, from a ghost who can't read.